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Optimize your tech stack

Buy discounted software licenses on a marketplace.

The 34 billion dollar problem.

Capaseat was started to stop buyer abuse with software.

According to 1E, 38% of software was unused in UK and US in 2015.

When startups are expected to do less with more, it's time to pay for the software seats they actually use.

We are building Capaseat to create a marketplace for software seats where you can sell, buy and exchange software seats in your favorite tools.

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How it works


Search for software you need


Get matched with a seller


Use the software licenses until their expiration date.

Why buy on Capaseat?

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Decreased software cost

Only pay for licenses you actively use.

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More runway

Avoid running out of cash.

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Customized tech stack

Build a tech stack that matches the needs of your business.

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1. What happens with my data when I buy a seat?

  • We migrate the seller's user data using ETL tools such as Fivetran and Matillion so the sold seat is swiped.

2. How are prices set?

  • The seller sets the price on the marketplace

3. Do I need to find sellers myself?

  • No, you will be matched to a sellers automatically based on your criteria for number of licenses and contract length

4. What information is available to the buyer?

  • Available features and remaining contract length are visible to the buyer
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